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One Night Stand

Title: One Night Stand
Author: eccentric_chams 
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
URL (if not posted here): Chapter Eight
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward, and all other canon
Short summary: After a celebratory night out, Edward Cullen wakes up in Bella Swan's apartment and leaves unnannounced. She plagues his thoughts for weeks; so imagine his surprise when she calls with shocking news. Will this one night stand turn into forever? AU/AH
Any warnings: This chapter needs the rating tagged on, because of the end. =) Please review at FF.NET or comment here and let me know what you think!
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, and you know that. =P

ONS Soundtrack (subject to change)

Soundtrack Listing (specifically speaking)


 I have had specific songs that help me get through chapters. Some, I think go good with the scene later. I have a very wide range of music taste so, I don’t expect anyone person to fully love every single thing I have on here—but I enjoy the sounds of it and such. You can leave comments about the playlist if you like. I may change something from time to time, and I’ll have it updated every time a new chapter is added—as it means new songs. =)

Songs Listed BelowCollapse )

Scent of a Letter

 05. Smell from the Delta table. It's Alice/Jasper and a continuation from "Goodbye To You"


Goodbye to You

This is for Twilight20. The Delta table =) Read it and let me know what you're thinking--it's Jasper/Alice, by the way. It has not been read over by a Beta so please, please forgive if there are any silly mistakes. Just point and laugh, okay? =] There is more after this, but it will be for a different prompt.

Goodbye To YouCollapse )



So I've changed up some of the pairings for my twiligh20 tables. This is a Rosalie/Emmett story, it's also my first story for them. Kind of simple...I kind of like it =) I think it will be fun to play with these two down the road, how I see them coming together. Here it is--be sure to tell me what you think!

01. BeginningsCollapse )

ALPHA; friends

Not sure how I feel about this one--wrote it randomly, too. I'm sure I could have done something better but I'm still experimenting with this mysterious couple. =)

Hmm, let me know what you think.I'm also working on a bit of Alice/Jasper. They're so cute, haha. Though Jackson Rathbone has started to creep me out--he's just kind of weird.


Hello to Everyone!

If you have stumbled upon this community--whether it be from me sending you directly or linkage from somewhere else--I say, Welcome! I was going to make a second journal to seperate fanfiction and my own personal ramblings but the ever wonderful reetinkerbell suggested this idea to me. I thought it sounded great, since I won't have to keep switching accounts to post, I can do it all from one! Now, feel free to join and you'll just get easy access to find out when and what I've updated and what I'm working on, etc., etc. 

My personal journal, eccentric_chams is just that now--my personal journal. I'm looking into layouts for this but it's so time consuming that I just might not care to have a regular, plain, boring one. =) 

That is all for now. From now on, posts will solely be focused on my fanfiction writings! Feel free to comment on them, on anything!